Texas Energy Companies

Texas Residential and Business Electricity Consumers Have a Choice in Providers

Whether you are a residential or business electricity consumer in the state of Texas recent legislation now allows you to choose which company supplies you with electricity from a list of companies that serve your county.  This is due to the deregulation of the utilities market which allows electricity companies from all over the opportunity to sell in multiple markets.  And now one utility company may offer a completely different product than the next so it is important to know how to compare.  Find out more about deregulation and why it may mean you can save by calling Cheapest Electricity.

  • Cheapest Electricity can help you compare both business and residential rates in Texas.
  • Only about 10 states have deregulated their state utility markets.
  • Deregulation has lifted many regulations that previously discouraged competition in the utilities market.

Whether you are shopping for electricity for your home or shopping for your business surely you wouldn’t mind paying the lowest rate and Cheapest Electricity can help you look for it.

While competition in the utilities market was once discouraged it no longer is in the 10 states that have deregulated their markets.

You can use the Cheapest Electricity comparison tool to compare Texas residential energy rates or use the contact page to locate the number to call a representative concerning Texas business energy rates.

Find out all the information you need to know about Texas deregulation by calling 1-800-971-4020.  Cheapest Electricity will help you to see if you can save.

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