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The Maryland Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999

Businesses in Maryland have a rare opportunity to save some money with the passing of the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act in 1999.  With the passing electricity consumers were given the right to search for cheaper electricity through a retail supplier rather than being obligated to purchase electricity from the local utility company.  Customers can choose to stay with their “Provider of Last Resort” which is their local utility company but if they find a lower rate they can switch.  Compare rates with the help of Cheapest Electricity: 1-800-971-4020.

  • You can compare rates all at the same time with one simple search.
  • Although the company that supplies your electricity will change the company that you send your payments to will not.
  • Rates can vary enough to result in significant savings.

Comparing electricity providers to search for the cheapest electricity companies is simple and the rates can and often do vary so as to result in significant savings for those individuals who make a switch.  And even though you will be having your electricity supplied by a new company your payments will still go to your old company.

Compare rates, plans, incentives, types of power used, and more by contacting Cheapest Electricity.  The only work you have to do is call and the rest is done for you.

Don’t pay more for your electricity when there may be a cheaper electric plan out there that suits your needs.  Vow today to find cheaper energy tomorrow.

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Carl Lovett March 9, 2013 at 6:58 pm

Deregulation in MD has been a total and utter failure benefiting no one but the utility companies. The promised “competition” among providers for the cheapest rate simply has not materialized. It was better when the utilities had to open their books to a rate commission to justify any rate increase.


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