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Before 2001 individuals living in Ohio had very few options regarding utility suppliers, and with the lack of a competitive market energy rates were on the rise.  Since January 1, 2001 though Ohio electricity consumers, both residential and commercial, have been able choose between a number of electricity companies that supply energy to a specific area.  The shocking thing is many people do not know that they even have a choice in energy providers.  Call Cheapest Electricity at 1-800-971-4020 and they can tell you how many energy provider choices you have and they can help you get signed up with a new provider.

  • The bill that allows consumers to choose their energy provider was made a law on July 6, 1999 but it was not enacted until January 2001.
  • The open market produces much more competitive rates than before.
  • Switching energy providers consists of making a simple phone call.

Many people have up until recently not even known that there was electricity choice in their state even though the law was passed over a decade ago.  And many of those who have known for one reason or another have not taken the step to find a lower energy rate.

To take the first step to finding a lower energy rate use the Cheapest Electricity rate comparison tool.  This will give you a list of different companies providing energy services to your area.

If you find a company and a rate you like but you have some questions simply call Cheapest Electricity.  You will have all of your questions answered and hopefully a cheaper energy rate by the time you hang up the phone.

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