Compare Cheapest Electricity

Use the comparison button to the left to compare residential rates. You can see an apples to apples comparison chart for residential electricity prices in your area.

Need a commercial electric rate comparison? – Click here

Benefits of comparing Cheapest Electricity’s plans

  1. You can save money. When you compare Cheapest Electricity’s plans you can save on your electric bill. You can’t tell if you’re getting the best deal just by looking one company’s website.
  2. You save time. Cheapest Electricity shows you the energy rates of several electric companies serving your area when you use the compare box. It makes it easy to compare energy rates when you don’t have to go to each individual energy company’s website to find its rates.
  3. It’s easy to do. Once you type in your zip code into the compare box and click compare, you will see the comparison chart. The chart has the cheapest energy price listed first. The tabs titled “All”, “Fixed”, “Variable” and “No-Deposit” make it easy for you to find the plan that fits your needs.


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