Electric companies get taste of own medicine

by Donny on November 22, 2010

Last January, a couple different electricity companies got the book thrown at them after taking their customers’ money and running with it, only to close up shop once the customers’ wallets were empty.

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) handed out $3.7 million in fines to two different energy companies for failing to report information about closing down and failed to refund customers’ deposits.

Since they failed to give notice to the customers, they also didn’t transfer their funds to another provider.

Nation Power Company, Inc., of Houston was fined $1,824,000 for suddenly leaving the energy market in 2008.

That same year, Pre-Buy Electric, LLC of Grapevine was fined 1,866,000 for leaving the market as well, and was told it’s also required to refund all its customers’ deposits and repayments.

The PUC recommended a penalty of $1,440,000 against a company known as eTricity of Denton, for failing to notify the customers of its plans to move out of the market, and the case has been referred to the State Office Administrative Hearings. A pre-hearing conference is set for Jan.21.

These are just a few examples of cases handled very poorly by the electric company.

It doesn’t  get much more unprofessional than that, and it’s a shame it ever happened.

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