Making the best choice when choosing a Texas electricity provider

by Donny on November 18, 2010

When deciding on which electricity company in Texas is the cheapest know the facts. Fixed rates and variable rates are very different animals.

Companies that offer a rate that does not include ancillary and surcharges are also showing a very different price.

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Companies that advertise a variable rate but then bill you a different rate once your electric meter is initially read are also telling you a different story.

There are many tricks in the book with some of these Texas electricity companies advertising out there and this is simply a warning to pay attention as things aren’t always as they seem.

Big brand energy providers usually don’t use some of the deplorable tactics as we mention here but they are able to get a way with charging you higher electricity prices because people love the brand.

The way a variable electricity rate plan can get you is that in many cases it seems to be the cheapest electricity rate the provider is offering.

The problem is that these variable electric rates are often teaser rates and do not represent a cheaper electricity price over the course of the year.

A fixed electricity rate can sting you when price spike for the short term and longer term fixed rates come down in price.

What you don’t want to do is lock in at the cheapest price which is usually somewhere out 5 years or so.

Chances are very good electricity rates will come down between then and 5 years so pay a little more and sign up for 1 or 2 years.

Cheapest Electricity Suppliers in TexasAs you can see sometimes electricity rates are the cheapest on a short term rate and sometimes they can be cheapest on a long term rate.

It all depends on what the futures market predicts the trend is doing with commodities that power our electricity generation facilities.

So who are the cheapest electricity providers in Texas? That’s not an easy question to answer as variable prices really confuse the issue.

Your best bet is to compare fixed electricity rate plans around the same term like a 1 year fixed price.

Compare several electric providers that offer this same fixed rate term and pick the cheapest from this group.

Make sure you are not comparing electricity providers that leave certain fees and charges missing from their advertised rate.

Feel free to compare TXU Energy and Reliant Energy with the rates in our chart and see which electric company comes out ahead.

Speaking of that our comparison chart for Texas bundles in all fees and charges into the rate excluding taxes.

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