New York becomes deregulated

by Donny on January 5, 2011

Citizens of yet another state will now be able to sign up for the cheapest electricity available in a long time.

New York has joined several other states in becoming deregulated in the electricity market.

This gives New Yorkers a choice when it comes to who will provide them with electricity. This will open up competition monopoly companies and smaller local companies.

Traditionally, if you lived in New York, you had no choice but to go with the electric company that was assigned to your area, but now, big and small companies alike will try to take advantage of the deregulation in attempt to expand their services and become more widely known.

If you’re living in New York and are in the market for electricity for your home or commercial business, you have the option of choosing your own rate and provider.

You can use this site to shop, compare, choose and sign up with the cheapest electricity rate and company.

There’s no need to jump from one company’s website to another when you can use our site as a one-stop shop.

Just type your zip code into our compare box to begin immediately.

It’s likely in your best interest to make sure you sign up with a fixed rate instead of a variable rate because the fixed rate will stay consistent.

If you have any further questions, comment or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us anytime at 1-800-971-4020 and one of our expert energy consultants will be happy to help you out with any of your electricity needs.

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