Cheapest Pennsylvania Electricity Rates for the Newbie

by Donny on November 15, 2010

When shopping for the very cheapest electricity rates in Pennsylvania you will want to go through a reverse auction.

A reverse auction is for commercial and industrial businesses in the deregulated electricity utility area that need to find the most competitive electricity supplier.

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The shopping process allows you to add needed money to the bottom line as electricity service can be one of the highest overhead costs in a large business.

Our energy consultants work with your Pennsylvania business to have the electricity providers compete and send in bids in hopes of being the lowest price.

Since we represent you as our client we assist in facilitating the prices downward as the electricity suppliers compete.

Some energy consultants are nothing more than a broker for 1 or 2 electric providers. We however are your energy consultant and put a detailed electricity rate proposal with the cheapest bids.

The prices are worked down as low as we can get them and we give every electric company the option of giving us their best prices.

Once the rates are all in and the prices are as low as they will go our commercial energy proposal is sent over showing you the electricity companies and their prices.

An energy consultant will call you to go over the proposal and explain what product plans may suit your business best based on how you use your electricity usage.

You may call us at anytime at 1-800-971-4020 for more information on our reverse auction process.

For residential electricity prices in Pennsylvania please use our compare chart at the top right.

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