Cheapest electricity in Trenton, New Jersey

by Donny on December 23, 2010

Trenton, New Jersey, the capital of its state is another city full of rich history.

Today, that history still stands, as you can visit several different historic sites and museums such as the Battle Monument, the New Jersey State Museum, The Old Barracks Museum, the 1719 William Trent House Museum, just to name a few.

In 1679, Quakers who came over from England for religious freedom settled in Trenton.

Mahlon Stacy was the leader of this particular group of Quakers, and he sold much of the land where they settled to William Trent, the man from whom the town’s name originated.

General George Washington won his first military battle on Trenton soil by defeating the Hessian troops, and this famously became known as the “Battle of Trenton.”

Following the Revolutionary War, Trenton was named the nation’s capital but states in the south wanted the capital to be relocated somewhere below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Geographically speaking, Trenton is almost smack dab in the middle of the state, and its population now stands at about 83,000.

Hard fought battles took place in Trenton, and these battles eventually led to our freedom.

Although that freedom was not cheap, owners of business in Trenton and deregulated areas in New Jersey have the right and the ability to choose from the cheapest electricity companies and rates in their areas.

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