Comparing; why it’s like Eating Broccoli

by Donny on November 21, 2012

Comparing why it is like eating broccoliDo you remember your mom telling you “eat your broccoli, it’s good for you.” Comparing things, like energy providers, is very similar to your mom telling you to eat your broccoli. You may look at the other pieces of food on your plate thinking “but I like chicken.”

Similarly, you may think “but I like so and so.” Brand loyalty is a good thing but don’t you think $20 this month is better than staying with your favorite company. Granted price is not the only thing you are comparing. Term length, price, and percentage of renewable energy are also several things you want to compare. A company that does not hide fees and charges and has a good reputation with its customers is what you are looking for. Comparing electric companies is good for you too.

You will be so happy after you use our comparison tool just like you when you finish eating your broccoli.

Your zip code is your fork and our chart is the broccoli. All you need to do is type your zip and click compare. You will see several delicious rates from providers in your area.

Broccoli may better for you than comparing energy companies but I recommend comparing. Broccoli will be there tomorrow.

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