Celebrating Freedom

by Donny on July 5, 2012

Yesterday we celebrated our nation’s 236th birthday. It’s chilling and humbling to think of how we became a nation and how far we’ve come since.

I wonder what some of our forefathers would say if you they could see our great nation today. It would be particularly interesting to talk with Benjamin Franklin, the forefather who signed the Declaration of Independence who also helped discover electricity.

The man who flew a kite with a key in the middle of a lightning storm; what would he think about the way we run electricity today? Did he envision it to be anything like it is? What was his main goal in the key experiment? It’s all fascinating stuff.

Furthermore, what would he think of how much political of an issue electricity has become?

His motives in discovering electricity were probably to help better convenience the American people, not to cause more confusion and political turmoil.

What would he think about energy deregulation? Would he be in favor of the government having the right to choose who has what energy providers or would he prefer the people to have the freedom to choose for themselves?

One of the great things about America is it truly is the “Land of Opportunity” and “Land of the Free,” and I believe having the right to choose our own electricity providers is evidence of that. Why should that choice to be left up to the government.

If you’re in a deregulated area of Texas or another state, you can shop and compare multiple electricity rates and providers for your home or business and then choose the best option.

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