Power Outage Tips

by Donny on June 15, 2012

Here at Cheapest Electricity, we’ve given tips on surviving the scorching heat of Texas summers. Something else to consider is how to survive during a power outage.

Last summer was one of the hottest summers in decades. That kind of weather often peaks the usage of electricity all across the Lone Star State and ultimately can cause blackout outages. Also, Texas is known for its violent thunderstorms which tend to knock out power so it’s best to be as prepared as possible.  Here are a few tips to survive power outages:

•    Prepare a survival kit. Include items such as flashlights, candles, lighters or matches and batteries. Heck, for the sake of your sanity, consider keeping a deck of cards for you and your friends to stay entertained.

•    Be sure to call your local Transmission and Distribution Utility to report the outage.

•    Unplug all electronics and appliances in case lightning strikes or a power surge.

•    Once the power comes back on, plug those things back in as soon as you can. You probably don’t want to leave the fridge unplugged too much longer.

•    Keep doors, windows and curtains closed. It’s best to keep the cool air trapped in the house as long as possible.

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