Con Edison sponsors science fair

by Donny on June 14, 2012

Con Edison had booth with great attractions at the 2012 World Science Festival Street Fair in Washington Square Park, an event the energy provider sponsored for the fifth straight year. Children who visited the booth had a chance to learn about saving energy by playing a Power Bug game made by the company.

In the game, players control a bug into incandescent light bulbs which change to compact fluorescent bulbs upon contact and will then receive an energy-savings tip.

“The Festival does a wonderful job of educating people about the role science plays in improving our lives,” Frances A. Resheske, Con Edison senior vice president of Public Affairs said. “We’re proud to once again be a major sponsor of this great event and to spread our energy efficiency message.”

Spectators of the booth also saw a model of a steam power plant which turned water into steam.  It showed how steam pressure moves through the system and how the generator lights up a bulb.

Another major attraction at the booth is the “Pedal-A-Watt” bike. Riders who pedal hard enough can power a small generator connected to three bulbs.

Con Edison is doing everything possible to be more than just an energy company and is making great strides by supporting the science fair and other similar events.

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