Strangest Energy Sources

by Donny on June 5, 2012

After hearing some bizarre sources of electricity recently, I decided to do some research on random things people have used for energy. If you thought Dr. Emmett Brown’s petroleum was bizarre, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Here are, what I would call some of the strangest sources of electricity, in no particular order:

• Urine – Urine consists of hydrogen which often comes in the form of natural gas.

• Poop – As gross as it is, it’s been proven that human and animal waste is extremely efficient when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, there are city buses in Europe running on biomethane found in sewage.

• Body heat – Scientists say body heat has the potential of putting off between 100-120 watts of energy when at the right temperature. They say, as it stands now, body heat can help power a watch or heart monitor and hope to go even bigger soon.

• Alcohol – Unfortunately, it would likely take millions of bottles of alcohol to make it worthy of attempt, but it might be more affective if you combine it with waste.

• Garbage – Dr. Brown from Back to the Future had this one down well. However, questions surround how reliable garbage really is. Perhaps it depends on what type of garbage we’re talking about here.

• Onions – We all know onions produce tears and sources say onion juice can be turned into fuel. People claimed to have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by using onions as a source of energy.

• Chocolate – Coca bean shells might be the more appropriate way of putting it. These shells are a waste product and can be mixed with coal to produce fuel.

• Watermelon – Apparently watermelon can be used as a source of biofuel which be fermented into ethanol.

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