Ambit Energy reaches 850,000 milestone

by Donny on May 31, 2012

Dallas-based energy provider, Ambit Energy, has officially added more than 155,000 net customers since January of this year and that put helped the company pass a milestone of 850,41-000 active customers. This good news came shortly after the company was named No. 15 on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list.

Ambit Energy co-founder and chief marketing officer Chris Chambless was thrilled by the news.

“This type of growth validates our approach to the market,” Chambless said. “We developed a direct sales model capable of generating massive sales volume, as well as built technology platform that scales seamlessly to support that channel.”

Ambit hasn’t always been a favorite amongst all energy customers as some have referred to company as a scam, but the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Jere Thompson, Jr. says his company is a trustworthy one.

“In our efforts to be the finest and most-respected respected retail energy provider in America, we bring in exceptional people, continually refine our systems and work diligently to create a culture unlike any other in the industry,” Thompson “Earning the trust of more than 850,000 active customers is an amazing accomplishment, but we are just getting started.”

Ambit Energy has become of the biggest players in the energy market and one of the fastest growing energy companies ever since deregulation has taken effect in multiple states. For Ambit Energy rates, visit its website or call a customer representative. You can thyen compare its rates with rates offered by other companies in your area by using our compare chart on the home and compare pages.

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