TXU offers new alerts

by Donny on May 30, 2012

TXU Energy customers will be able to keep an even closer eye on their electricity bills. The Texas-based electricity company is now offering its customers free alerts when their electricity bill is headed unusually high rates. The alerts come via email and allow the customers to make the appropriate changes to their energy usage habits to decrease the cost of the bill before it’s finalized.

Customers who want to opt in can visit the website or call a company representative.

“Our budget alerts are one more way we’re giving our customers control over how much electricity they use and what they spend each month, Michael Grasso, chief marketing office said. “We know our customers have a choice in providers, so making it simple and convenient to stay in control of how much energy they use at home is one more way we’re striving to earn their business and their loyalty.”

The “choice in providers” he’s referring to is the choice that came as a result of Texas becoming deregulated about a decade ago. Prior to the deregulation, the government made the decision as to which providers would supply energy to certain areas. This opened up competition, giving all electricity companies a chance to compete in areas they wouldn’t otherwise and a choice for the customers.

TXU is one of the biggest players in the energy field in Texas and it may or may not be the best option for you. To find out, call a company representative for its rates and then compare its rates with our found on the compare chart located on the homepage and compare page.

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