Glacial Energy, Obama and Blood Diamond

by Donny on May 25, 2012

Was President Obama born in Africa? Regardless of where he was born, reports from the Daily Caller and other sources state he at least has ties there: blood diamonds.

Marjorie Rawls Roberts is a campaign fundraising bundler for the president and lives in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She reportedly has ties to alleged blood diamond financers and close ties to Glacial Energy’s director of public and government relations, Margie Duncan.

Obama posed with Roberts and Duncan in a picture which was posted to the “V14Obama” Facebook account. The picture was removed after The Daily Caller linked to it.

Former Glacial Energy CEO Gary Mole’s worked alongside Michael Petras. In a lawsuit filed last year, Petras claims that millions of dollars from Glacial Energy’s profits were funding mining in the Congo. Sources have linked Gemic to conducting activity suspiciously similar to that of blood diamond mining but claiming to mine for tin and other mineral deposits.

Reports have also accused Glacial Energy of receiving tax breaks in the U.S. Virgin Islands through the Economic Development Commission but the energy provider has not yet responded to these claims.

If these reports have any validity to them, it’s neither good for the president nor Glacial Energy. Energy consumers in deregulated areas may be less likely to sign up with Glacial Energy because they might believe the company is dishonest. As for the presidential election is concerned, this is just one more factor the Obama concerned may have to explain.

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