ERCOT warns energy consumers about high demands ahead

by Donny on May 23, 2012

Representatives of Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the largest grid in the state said the company expects power supplies to increase significantly tighter in the next few years, suggesting doing whatever possible to boost capacity or at least limit the demand of electricity.

ERCOT serves about 85 percent of Texas’ electricity demand and said it’s aiming for a 13.75 percent margin of capacity over demand despite the fact its outlook shows a 9.8 percent reserve for the next couple years before dropping nearly seven percent in 2015.

Last summer Texas experienced a long drought and record high temperatures in several years and thus, increased the demand for electricity. ERCOT warned energy consumers saying although this summer may not be as high as last year, it’s best to be prepared for high peaks by preparing for high demand in the next coming years.

One of ERCOT’s biggest concerns is a lack of power plant projects during the peak times. ERCOT’s director of system planning, Warren Lasher told reporters it may take just less than two years to add natural-gas-fired to a facility and at least another two years to build a new power plant from scratch.

The problem with having more power plants is the argument about it polluting the air and it may very easily take several years at least to convince the Environmental Protection Agency that it’s a good idea to build more plants.

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