Plans for New Power Plant in New Jersey in the Works

by Donny on December 21, 2010

Residents of New Jersey already pay more for electricity than what the national average is but now there is hope that the costs of supplying energy to New Jersey homes will go down.

Currently a decision is in the works regarding the possibility of one, maybe even two, new power plants being built in the state which would have the potential of bringing down electricity rates for New Jersey residents and businesses.

New Jersey residents pay approximately 33% more on average for electricity than do residents in other states.

New Jersey residents may be able to cut some of those costs by comparing the rates of all energy companies in the state in order to be able to choose the cheapest electricity provider.

  • In order for a new power plant project to be approved the senate will have to approve a bill that will require the plant to be built.
  • Initially New Jersey energy consumers will bear the $1.3 million in costs to build the new power plant or plants, depending on what the decision is.
  • Eventually the additional electricity supply should provide for lower electricity bills in New Jersey.
  • As of right now the deal is in the works with consumers having little information concerning it.

Despite deregulation in the New Jersey utility market the state’s residents continue to pay high prices for electricity.

There are numerous companies selling their electricity supply on the open market but many residents do not even realize that they have a choice in who provides them with electricity.

Consumers who have not yet compared energy rates in the state may find that they have been paying more for electricity all along than they had to be.

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You will be able to make a quick comparison so you can possibly end your days of paying too much for electricity.

Search for the cheapest electricity in your area with the help of Cheapest Electricity and maybe you can finally rid yourself of those ridiculously high energy bills.

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