Solar Energy Coming to New Jersey

by Donny on December 23, 2010

Energy consumers these days are able to choose an energy provider out of a list of companies that provide power to their counties and these days some of those companies are selling electricity that is produced by more renewable means.

Now more companies in New Jersey may be able to sell renewable resource produced energy too because the state is designated for a major solar project in coming months.

Lincoln Renewable Energy recently submitted an application to begin the project and has now been given the go ahead to move forth with the project.

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  • The cost of the project to take place in New Jersey is estimated to be around $60 million.
  • The Lincoln Renewable Energy project to take place in Oak, New Jersey will provide 10 megawatts of electricity to the state.
  • The goal in New Jersey is to produce 22.5 percent of its electricity through renewable sources by 2021.
  • The solar panels being installed in New Jersey will spread across 129 acres of land.

Solar energy is being explored in many U.S. states right now and many of the electricity companies that are competing for your business are buying electricity produced by this method.

Although renewable resource energy may not be the cheapest electricity available it is cleaner than that produced by conventional methods.

Even those companies that buy electricity from companies that generate it from renewable sources will charge varying electricity rates so comparing companies is an important step in finding the cheapest electricity rates in New Jersey, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Don’t be left in the cold this winter when you could find cheaper electricity than what you currently are getting.

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