Ambit Energy Complaint about Rep and Review

by Donny on May 7, 2012

Complaints about Ambit Energy Rep’s Tactics

In a recent Pearland ISD bus drivers safety meeting, an Ambit Energy sales rep gave a five-minute-sales pitch to coworkers. Two of the coworkers at the meeting complained it was not right to use company time to recruit sales consultants for Ambit. This is not the first time other companies were allowed to promote products and services at the meetings.

One employee was quoted by as saying “we were a captive audience and as far as I am concerned Ambit Energy is an illegal pyramid scheme.” The company is not an illegal pyamid scheme but a multilevel marketing (MLM) company.

This an example of another MLM getting a bad rap because of shady sales tactics. People should not be fooled into equating Ambit Energy with one of its consultants. The company is know for competitive energy pricing on electricity services in Texas. put Ambit Energy as one of the top 100 places to work for the past three years. The company has a good reputation.

MLMs get a bad rap because of Reps

This is not the first time sales representatives for Ambit have received complaints about sales tactics. MLMs are notorious for getting complaints. Most MLM representatives recruit family members, which makes an awkwardness at family reunions for people who refused to join.

Being pressured into joining and working for a company is a hard sell to make. Asking for money before people can see the possible income makes it seem like a scam.

Brief Review of Ambit

Ambit Energy operates in the electricity deregulated market of Texas. The company sells competitive electricity rates for both residential and commercial customers. As of two years ago it was one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

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