Con Edison Teams Up with ThinkEco

by Donny on May 3, 2012

In preparation of the hot summer months ahead, Con Edison and ThnkEco have teamed together in order to launch a window air conditioner program to allow New York City customers to use less energy while still maintaining a comfortable temperature.

The two companies are planning to install modern outlets (also known as modlets) in apartments throughout apartments in New York City. A modlet is a simple “smart” outlet which can be controlled by a smart thermostat.

On top of that, the modlet will allow customers to preset their window unit air conditioners through the web. These customers will also have the luxury of being alerted when a significantly large amount of energy is used. The modlet can also adjust the temperature accordingly.

Con Edison services more than six million customers who have window units, so the program will decrease the amount of unnecessary energy usage.

“Con Edison continues to increase engagement with our customers by introducing new technologies that help them save energy, save money and protect the environment,” Director or Energy Efficiency Programs of Con Edison Rebecca Craft told “Our work with ThinkEco is forging a new way to help reduct the energy waste associated with window air conditioners, while keeping city residents comfortable during heat waves.”

Con Edison and ThinkEco have teamed up together to launch a program known as coolNYC to provide residents of New York City with ways of staying cool and helping the environment.

“The coolNYC program is proving how New York City residents are highly receptive to using smart consumer-oriented products that save energy and enhance personal convenience,” ThinkEco CEO told “As electrical demand continues to increase, we need to ensure a way to relieve pressure on the grid of the absence of new capacity.”

If the program is a success in the summer of 2012, we can likely expect to see similar programs in the future throughout the U.S. and so on.

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