National Grid New York Proposes Rate Hike

by Donny on December 15, 2010

With electricity costs already significantly high for New Yorkers it is not pleasant news to hear that National Grid is proposing a significant rate hike but two judges in the administrative law court are recommending that the company propose a much lower increase.  The company recently made the decision to sell their business located in New Hampshire but representatives have stated that the decision to sell in New Hampshire and the decision to raise rates in New York are not connected in any way.  Rates are already hard for many New York residents to afford but by calling Electric Rates at 1-800-971-4020 electricity consumers may be able to find a lower rate through a company other than National Grid.

  • The initial rate hike proposed by National Grid totals $361 million.
  • The two judges in the administrative law court that oppose the high increase are recommending that National Grid reduce the increase in rates by $262 million, down to $99 million.
  • National Grid is already making the preparations to submit another proposal in order to try to secure the higher rate increase.
  • According to National Grid the safe supply of electricity depends on the large rate hike.

Many New Yorkers already feel that they pay too much for electricity so a large rate hike such as that proposed by National Grid is likely not going to be welcomed with open arms.  The company will not be refilling until the second part of 2011 but a rate hike is inevitable all the same.  The good news is that New York energy consumers have the option to look for a cheaper electricity company thanks to the deregulation of the utility market.

The best way to search for the cheapest electricity provider is to compare all of the energy companies allowed to sell electricity to New York consumers.  Call Cheapest Electricity and they will help you make this possibly money saving comparison.

Winter is just around the corner and if you live in New York you know what that means, high energy bills due to heating.  See if you can pay less for heating this winter though by finding the cheapest electricity in New York.

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