Ohio Schools Using Solar Panels to Generate Energy

by Donny on February 3, 2011

While people and cities all over the country are starting to understand the value of researching and developing alternative sources of electricity generation, some school districts in Ohio are already ahead of the game.

According to Ohio law 12.5 percent of the electricity sold by an energy provider, such as Ohio Edison or Dayton Power & Light, will be required to be produced by renewable sources by 2025.

Because open utility markets allow energy companies to purchase energy from sources of their choosing rates can vary greatly.

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  • Until 2009 Ohio energy companies were only able to receive a maximum of $75,000 in federal incentives for projects involving renewable energy.
  • The federal incentive cap that is now lifted and will remain that way until 2016.
  • At this point a total of three Ohio school districts have had solar panels built by a company called Sol Ventus and installed into their schools.
  • The amount of electricity supplemented by the solar panels already in operation in the Ohio school districts is 1.7 megawatts which equals $8.5 million in energy.

Incentives for developing and implementing a renewable resources energy plan are a great way to encourage efficient energy usage in a city.  Many towns and cities are exploring such options because although some of the initial equipment may be a bit expensive the money that can be saved in the long term is significant. Anybody who uses electricity knows that finding the cheapest electricity really helps to cut down energy costs.

Ohio is a deregulated state which means that those individuals that live there can have their electricity supplied by any company they wish in the area.

This provides the possibility of having big savings because consumers can make choices such as choosing the company with the cheapest electricity, or a company that offers electricity generated from renewable sources.

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