Wind Turbine Installations Most Common in Texas

by Donny on January 4, 2011

Many states are implementing programs to increase the use of more renewable resources for generating electricity but some states, such as Texas, are leading the industry, specifically when it comes to wind power.  In fact, according to numbers from 2009, Texas had installed a wind farm capacity of 9,410 megawatts, more than any other U.S. state.

With the Texas electricity market being deregulated, electricity companies have the option of buying electricity produced by such sources and selling it to Texas electricity consumers.  For this reason Texas energy users should compare the rates of multiple companies by contacting Cheapest Electricity in order to determine which ones offer renewable resource energy and which ones offer the cheapest electricity rates.

  • More than 10,000 jobs have been created in Texas in recent years thanks to the development and use of wind turbines that harvest electricity produced from wind.
  • Texas tops even every country as far is those in the European Union when it comes to wind energy capacity.
  • Iowa, California, Minnesota, and Washington are other states that are installing wind capacity at a higher rate that the rest of the country.
  • The large amounts of open land in Texas are the reason for the states’ wind power capacity being so high.

With all of the jobs created by developing the means to produce wind power it is no wonder Texas is willing to be a leader in the industry.  Although a ton of money may not be able to saved by consumers yet as a result of generating power through wind there is no saying what it can do for the future of energy costs when it becomes a much more common way to produce electricity.  For now most electricity consumers, though, will have to settle for paying for power produced the traditional way.

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