Constellation Energy Group Expands Services to Residences in New Jersey

by Donny on December 15, 2010

Now that New Jersey residents are able to reap the benefits of a deregulated utilities market many companies are scrambling for consumers’ business and that includes the Constellation Energy Group.  The group has expanded retail residential electricity supply services to the state in order to take advantage of the competitive market that resulted from the deregulation.  New Jersey residents who are thinking about taking advantage of the opportunity to choose the electricity company that generates their actual electricity should contact Cheapest Electricity in order to determine if Constellation is offering a better rate than other New Jersey suppliers.

  • Nearly 20,000 New Jersey electricity consumers have already signed up to have their electricity generated by Constellation Energy Group.
  • Constellation claims that they can offer as much as 12 percent in savings for customers who make the switch to their company.
  • Target gift cards are also being offered to those customers who switch for the first time to Constellation.
  • Constellation Energy Group is also working to be allowed to enter the deregulated utility market in Illinois and possibly even Texas and Pennsylvania as well.

Constellation Energy already served a large number of energy consumers in other states before entering the New Jersey electricity market.  Switching to Constellation may result in cheaper electricity for consumers and even a few incentives as well.  The retail residential electricity provider will likely bring a good portion of the profits for the parent company next year, possibly as much as 33 percent.  With heating costs being one of the largest obligations in many New Jersey residents’ budgets Constellation chose the right time to enter into the New Jersey market.

Consumers in New Jersey interested in finding cheaper electricity and possibly switching to an alternative company should contact Cheapest Electricity for help in comparing Constellation rates to the rates of other New Jersey energy companies.

Comparing energy rates can be simple with the use of the internet or with a quick call to Cheapest Electricity at 1-800-971-4020.  Without their help you may not get the complete comparison you need in order to find the cheapest electricity available.

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