Walmart, always the low prices, even with electricity

by Donny on April 27, 2012

At one point there was talk about Walmart becoming its own energy provider. It sounds like that idea has at least been on hold, if not forgotten. The popular retail store agreed to allow TXU Energy to service 384 stores in Texas.

TXU customers can use Walmart and other authorized locations to pay their bill in person instead of on the internet or over the phone.

Michael Grasso, TXU chief marketing officer for TCU said moving into more retail locations is more convenient for TXU customers who will be able to keep a closer eye on their bill and have easier access to customer representatives.

“With the addition of these new Walmart locations, customers can now pay when and how they want—online, via debit card, using a mobile device, in person at one of nearly 4,000 payment locations, by mail or by phone.”

Customers of TXU Energy can also pay their bills at other retail locations such as Ace, Cash Express, HEB, Kroger and others.

The move isn’t the first Walmart has taken in saving money one electricity. Last year it went hard core on going green to save money as well. In June of 2011 the company installed fuel cells to provide half the electricity for entire stores in many locations. On top of all that, most Walmart stores have installed skylight roofs to provide about 70 percent of the stores’ light during the day. Many stores also have white roofs to help make the brutal summer months more bearable.

Also, 2.5 months ago, Walmart committed to installing LED lighting in its parking lots.

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