Are smart meters really stupid?

by Donny on April 13, 2012

Smart grids are becoming more and more popular as they continue to be installed in more homes. It just comes to show how technology has advanced, especially when you consider the fact that we have the capability of combining telephones, the internet and electricity.

Smart grids allow you to control the temperature in your home when away which is extremely convenient, but there are negatives to the convenience because some people are quick to point out if we can do this with our homes, complete strangers might be able to do the same thing.

A movie titled, Take Back Your Power will be released this spring encourages people to refuse smart grids because of dangers coming along with them.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey said in the film, “They’re going to make it easier for you and me to call our homes on our cell phones and turn down our air conditioning on a hot afternoon if we’re not there. Great, but that might well mean that a hacker in Shang Hai with his cell phone can do the same thing or worse.  A so called ‘smart grid’ that’s as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all. It’s a really, really stupid grid.”

The film points out negatives of smart grids, including the following and more:

• They’re completely hackable.

• They increase electricity rates.

• They increase health risks.

• They take away privacy.

• They cause more fires.

It’s easy to see how smart grids can cause some of these risks, while others are questionable. For example, how in world do cause health risks and fires?

It makes a lot of sense that they’d take away privacy. It’s easy to monitor your neighbor’s electricity usage which would ultimately enable others to monitor your usage, know when you’re home and away based on previous patterns and possibly break into your house. Granted that is an extreme example but it’s an extreme of what could happen thanks to the lack of privacy we get with smart meters.

Health Issues

If these things are concerning to you in any way, talk with a representative for your energy provider.

For those who prefer not to use a smart grid, you can refuse them and if you already have one, you can go rid of it and go back to the traditional analog meters.

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