Stay cool in summer

by Donny on April 10, 2012

Summer is right around the corner. For those of us living in Texas, that means before we know it, the heat and humidity will be unbearable. That’s the time of the year we run from one air conditioned car or building to another just to stay warm, and because we’re running the AC so stinking much, we can expect to pay an arm and a leg to stay cool.

Well, let’s make this summer different. Instead of the tradition of being tortured by the summer heat let’s stay cool without having to use the air conditioning as much. It’s just something to think about which is why I thought it’d be a good idea to present these ideas early and see if anybody has anything else to add to the list.

• Drink plenty of water. It’s easy in the summer to be dehydrated when not drinking enough water. I’ve actually read an article recommending drinking eight ounces of water at least every hour.

• Go for a swim as often as your schedule and body will permit you. There’s nothing as refreshing.

• Keep your head wet and cool. Pouring water on your head one time simply won’t keep you cool and it will dry in the heat. Repeating that process or keeping ice on your head might look ridiculous, but it feels pretty good. In fact, I used to put ice in my hat while outside.

• Consider letting your shirt soak then wring it out before wearing it. The satisfying ‘cool’ feeling might only last for a little while, but if you repeat the process, you can stay cooler longer.

• Obviously, dress appropriately. Wearing a black shirt in the heat of summer is not the smartest idea.

• Cover windows where the sun shines in directly into your house.

• Use fans as much as possible, whether it’s a box fan or a ceiling fan.

• Fill up a two-liter plastic bottle with water, freeze it, and stick in a large bowl in front of a can. This will cool the air as it’s blowing directly onto you. Once the ice melts, re-freeze and repeat the process.

• The heat of the summer gives us an excuse to eat and drink cold food and beverages. Washing down ice cream with a smoothie was already fun, now it’s somewhat necessary.

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