Largest wind power site in Washington genterates energy

by Donny on March 1, 2012

The state of Washington officially began operating the Lower Snake River Wind Facility, the state’s newest and largest wind farm. It will be providing commercial service to Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) 1.1 million energy customers.

Located along farm lands in Garfield County, 149 wind turbines will generate up to 343 megawatts, enabling them to power up to about 100,000 homes. The wind farm extends more than 21,600 acres. The majority of the land is privately owned.

Each turbine is 430 feet tall and weighs 316 tons while the foundation is more than 600 tons. Each blade is 160 feet long.

Kimberly Harris, president and CEO of PSE says she’s excited for the local businesses and residents because the new facility will not only provide clean energy, but also new jobs.

In May 2010 PSE teamed up with Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas) and several contractors as they started building the facility. PSE and RES also worked together to build Hopkins Ridge and Wild Horse wind farms.

The turbines can potentially save commercial customers a significant amount of money on electricity. The state of Washington is not deregulated though, which means energy consumers in the state don’t have the option of choosing their own energy rates and suppliers.

If you live in a deregulated area where you have the option of choosing your electricity rates and suppliers, simply type your zip code into our compare box located on the home page and the compare page, then click choose ‘commercial’ or ‘residential’ and click the compare button.

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