Customers tamper with electric meters

by Donny on February 23, 2012

Electricity customers have found a loophole to reduce their electricity. Simply by hot-wiring an electric meter, one can often illegally cut their energy bills in half, but Fort Worth has something to say about it. The city is keeping a closer eye on electric meters throughout the city and asking property managers to take eight hours of training in the next two years.

Unfortunately for many apartment owners, managers and other landlords, tracking down those pulling stunts like this is tough because it’s often discovered after the resident moves out.

Throughout the past few years, Oncor Electric Delivery and other companies have made efforts in switching to smart meters, which would potentially stop tampering and other fraudulent acts. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has about 3.4 million meters serviced by Oncor, and there are about 1 million more meters ready to be replaced with smart meters.

Companies like TXU, Reliant, Bounce Energy and others are all taking strides to make sure their customers don’t tamper with the meters.

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