How to Understand Electricity Choice in Tyler TX

by Donny on November 13, 2010

Electric choice is available in most of the state of Texas and it is no different in Tyler Texas. If you are relocating to Tyler from El Paso or out of state you may be a little confused that you have options when it comes to picking your provider.

The best way to help you understand what choice means is simply to get across to you that your pole and wires company will always be the same old monopoly company that has been in Tyler forever. Their name was called TXU Electric Delivery and in fact you can still see this name on many of the meters in the area but they have re-branded to the name Oncor Electric Delivery.

When choosing an electric company other than TXU you will not face any problems regarding reliability and delivery of electric service that you would already as there is still no choice in this part of the service. If your power goes out it is likely from a transformer exploding, a tree limb breaking the line, or a brownout. These power outages are always the problem of Oncor in the Tyler area and so if this were to happen to you it is important that you know the new retail electric provider you chose with the cheap rate is not to blame. You see, you only have one pole and wire coming to your house and this will always be owned by Oncor Electric Delivery. The Oncor outage number, in case you lights go out in Tyler, is 1-888-313-4747. You can also find this outage number on your electric bill regardless of the provider you are with.

The retail electric companies you can choose from are simply buying energy commodities, creating a retail rate and providing billing and customer service. These providers compete against each other by buying energy low and selling it for more margin while still offering customers the best price. Another way these suppliers set themselves a part from the others is by creating unique fixed rate and variable rate plans to choose from that are priced completely different from the competitors. One company may have the best 6 month fixed price while another may have a really good deal if you lock in for 2 years.

As far as electric companies you have all the registered companies licensed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to consider which is over 30 providers. Some of the popular companies in Tyler are Ambit Energy, Green Mountain Energy, TXU Energy, and Reliant Energy. These are only a handful of the many available providers available to choose from in Tyler. We recommend comparing prices with several companies and preferably go with a fixed price as the rate will not change for the term of the contract.

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