Kansas to tax electric car owners extra?

by Donny on January 26, 2012

If you live in Kansas and are considering buying an electric vehicle, you might want to reconsider. State officials are considering a new tax on electric cars.

The biggest advantage to having an electric car is the ability to save on gas, which is one of the biggest areas where states tend to tax for money to help fund road projects and keep the streets in good shape. It’s believed that if enough people purchase electric vehicles, the states won’t be able to maintain the roads as well because nobody will be paying for gas.

State Representative Tom Sloane says he thinks drivers of electric vehicles s “should pay less than one cent of tax” for every kilowatt hour of energy their car uses.

“I believe that such vehicles should pay the equivalent of the motor fuels tax so that they do not “ride free” when gasoline/diesel vehicles pay to maintain the system,” he said. He went on to suggest owners of electric vehicles should have two working electric meters. One of those meters would be to tell exactly how much power they’re using to charge their vehicle.

The proposed bill has sparked much debate. Many people are already hesitant to buy an electric vehicle because of the high costs and a tax on energy use for the cars could be the final factor for shoppers who are unwilling to pour more money into their investment.

Also, there are so few electric vehicles in the state that the proposed bill would hardly scratch the surface and would only discourage people from purchasing them.

An alternative to having an extra electricity meter is an annual flat fee to pay for the streets they use. So far, no final decision has been made, but it could be interesting to see how this effects electricity rates in the state of Kansas.

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