Snowstorms in Seattle

by Donny on January 19, 2012

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire declared a state of emergency after Washington had experienced an abundant amount of snow that cause about 10,000 homes and businesses to lose power and the Seattle airport to shut down to be de-iced.

Some areas around the state got as many as 11 inches of snow. It was so bad that fallen trees were blocking roads, and one falling tree near Seattle took the life of a man’s who was on his ATV.

This type of weather is unusual for the area and drivers who aren’t used to driving in those conditions experienced so many difficulties traveling that the State Patrol said to have responded to 700 accidents.

Seattle’s 10-day forecast doesn’t call for a lot of snow, but there are scattered showers and plenty of rain. If temperatures are freezing enough, this could cause a problem with slippery and icy roads. If you’re experiencing severe winters like the one in Seattle, avoid the roads as much as possible.

Here on this site, we’ve given tips on how to stay warm without having to use too much electricity, but I figured I’d remind you of one, and that is “cover the windows.”

In the past, my family used a plastic sheet to seal up any openings in and around the windows. You can use painters’ tape to avoid peeling paint off the wall and keep the plastic there. This will help prevent cold air from leaking into the house and ultimately allow the heat to work less and circulate easier, saving energy and money.

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