Reliant gives away monitors

by Donny on January 10, 2012

Reliant Energy recently announced it plans to provide 10,000 Home Energy Monitors for free to help customers keep a close eye on their electricity usage and cost. The company has already given away about 3,500 monitors and plans to hand out another 6,500 to provide them with real time information about their energy.

Bill Clayton, Reliant Energy Vice President says it will make tracking energy use a lot easier.

“It takes the guesswork out of managing electricity use,” he said. “Our customers have the information on how much electricity they are using and what it’s costing them before the bill hits their mailbox. We are delivering their usage and make more informed, cost-saving decisions.”

Ryan in Spring, Texas is a Reliant Energy customer who said he the monitor helped him realize the little things he was doing that were sucking up energy, and once he got into better habits, he was able to reduce his energy bill by about 10 percent.

Jessie in Conroe, another Reliant customer said it was nice to come home from work every day and be able to see to how much energy was used while she was at the office, and instantly know how much energy she could use to keep the bill within her budget.

As energy customers turn on appliances, lights and other electronic devices, they will be able to look at the monitor and see how much energy those thing are using. It also compares daily, weekly and monthly costs.

To qualify for a free monitor, customers must be signed up with Reliant Energy, and must reside in a single-family home in either the Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston area. A smart meter is also required. For more information, call Reliant Energy at 1-877-338-7206.

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