Electricity Rates to be on Illinois Ballots

by Donny on January 3, 2012

March is the month when Illinois citizens will cast their votes for the 2012 congressional and presidential primaries and many voters punch their ballots for another issue as well: electricity.

Residents of 66 counties will be able to cast their votes as to whether or not to engage in municipal aggregation. If Illinoisans vote for a referendum, the government will have the ability to sign an agreement with an energy provider, likely at discounted rates.


Former head of Illinois Power Agency and current electricity consultant Mark Pruitt says there’s a lot of value in a municipality vote and if it goes according to plan, could ultimately drive down the cost of electricity by about one cent per kilowatt hour.

“The ability of a municipality to pull together 10,000 accounts under a single bidding situation for vendors has a lot of value,” he said. “It drives down the transaction costs. It drives down the risk.”

If you live in Illinois, we’d like to hear from you on this area. What do you see as being the best thing for your state when it comes to electricity?

Also, if you live in Illinois or an area in another deregulated state, you can shop and compare multiple electricity rates and providers for your home or business. It would be a mistake for customers living in deregulated areas, not take advantage and shop around for their own electricity rates and providers. Don’t just settle on the first provider you can find. Also, don’t forget to cast your vote on March 20.

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