Free Power Saturday

by Donny on December 20, 2011

We’ve all heard the term “working for the weekend,” and now Direct Energy has taken that to the next level for its Pennsylvania customers. Last November the company kicked off a new offer known as “Free Power Saturday” where customers aren’t charged for any power they may use on Saturdays. Customers who sign up for the deal will do so for 12 months with no cancellation fees.

Direct Energy says believes the deal not only encourages customers to sign up with the company, but it enables the company to be there for its customers.

“This is the real benefit to energy deregulation and competition in Pennsylvania- innovative products that benefit customers,” Direct Energy and General Manager Cory Byzewski said. “We feel that we have developed a very consumer friendly, easy to use product that brings value to our customers’ lives. Free Power Saturday puts the control to save where it belongs; in the customers’ hands.”

Some might say the company is taking a risk by offering free energy on Saturdays because Saturday usually sees more electricity usage than any other day, as many people have off work, so they stay home, do laundry, watch football and whatever else they might do at home on Saturday. However, it’s a risk the company is willing to take. It’s hard to see why a customer wouldn’t jump on top of this deal.

“Research tells that only 10 percent from on-peak electricity consumption by our projected consumers will reduce market costs by 1 percent,” Byzewski said. “Last year, PPL customers paid $32 billion for electricity and the 1 percent reduction translates into savings of more than $30 million. That’s $10 for every residence, whether they participate in our product or not.”

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