New England Residents still powerless

by Donny on November 8, 2011

Thousands of commercial and residential energy consumers in New England are still without power for the second straight week.

“I think there’s going to be a huge trickle-down effect and we may not know the result for several months,” Andy Markowski, Connecticut director for the National Federation of Independent Business said. “I don’t know of any business that can afford to lose a week or more of sales.

“We’re just literally and figuratively beginning to pick up the pieces,” he said.

Heavy snow came with recent violent storms, knocking down trees, power lines and knocking out power for about 3 million residential and commercial customers, hitting Connecticut the hardest. More than 830,000 outages were reported in the state of Connecticut and about 37,000 of those customers were without power early this week.

Connecticut governor Dannel P. Malloy called the outages an “unacceptable.”

“We can bring dockets and ask for things to happen with respect to how they conduct their business and what way they conduct their business and what they recover losses for, for instance, some degree of malfeasance,” Malloy said.

Officials are continuing to work around the clock in efforts to restore power to customers in these areas. If you are without power and are unsure of whether or not your energy company is aware of it, contact your electricity provider.

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