Northeasterners still powerless

by Donny on November 1, 2011

Snow storms on the northeast coast over two feet of snow on the ground in some locations, leaving about 2.2 million houses without electricity, forcing schools and businesses to close and Halloween celebrations to be postponed. The schools’ snow days came much earlier than usual, as the first snow day typically comes after Thanksgiving.

Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy said the power loss is the worst in state history, causing about 100 state roads to close down and about 100 partially closed.

About 350,000 homes and businesses without power, according to a Tuesday morning report filed by Western Massachusetts Electric CO. about 93,000 out of 212,000 customers are still without electricity.

On top of that, about half of the city of Springfield is still blacked out. Officials are encouraging customers to hold tight as they work on the situation but also warn them that it could be several days before the power is restored.

Massachusetts wasn’t the only state hit hard. Officials are working around the clock to restore power to customers. About 750,000 Connecticut customers lost power, as well as 525,000 in Massachusetts, 220,000 in Pennsylvania, 360,000 in New Jersey, 128,000 in New York, 21,000 in Maine, 200,000 in New Hampshire and about 1,700 in Rhode Island.

Crews traveled from states like Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi to the northeastern states to help them restore power.

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