Green Mountain and Healthy Living Give Free Power

by Donny on October 27, 2011

Green Mountain Power is taking the term “Green Energy” to the next level. The energy provider is teaming up with a local grocery store called Healthy Living, and the two are providing a charging station that looks like a tree. The station is located outside the store in Burlington, VT and it allows shoppers to charge their vehicles while they shop.

In a written statement, Mary Powell, Green Mountain Power president and chief executive officer said, “We are excited to partner with Healthy Living to make this EV station available to the community,” she said. “Having charging station infrastructure is critical to the adoption of electric vehicles.”

The state recently drafted a plan in which its goal is use 90 percent of renewable energy sources by 2050.

According to state officials, 47 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by drivers of gas and diesel charged powered vehicles.

Company officials of Green Mountain Power and Healthy Living are hoping that having the charging station outside of the store will help people learn how to properly use stations like that and to make well informed decisions as to whether or not to buy an electric vehicle. They also believe a grocery store is a good location for such a station because it’s not quite like a gas station.

“It’s different than a gas station, where you pull in, fill up in five minutes and drive away,” Dottie Schnure, Green Mountain Power Spokeswoman said. “A charging station takes more time. It needs to be at a store, or a place where people park awhile and are in there an hour or so while their car charges up. There will be a different pattern use. We hope to get more understanding of how people will use them.

“Our intent is to help educate the public about electric vehicles and charging stations to jump-start it, and give people who are interested in getting an electric vehicle confidence there are places in town to charge them,” Schnure continued. “We want to get the ball rolling.”

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