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by Donny on October 26, 2011

There really is an app for pretty much everything. TXU recently made a new app available to its customers that helps reduce electricity usage and lower the monthly energy bills. The app is available for a free download.

The app shows where you currently stand and how much you can expect to pay for your upcoming bill. It also includes a snapshot of the amount of usage and costs. This way, if your bill is coming in the next two weeks, you can look at the app to see where you currently stand and how you can decrease the cost of energy.

Also, this feature includes a history report of your energy usage and bill costs, allowing you the customer to compare one month’s bill to another. It also takes into account other details such as weather and habits of energy usage. If you have a smart meter, you can access a tool which provides forecasts to help you decide how to properly use electricity in the coming days and weeks.

“At TXU Energy, we continue to innovate through technology and wireless solutions that give our customers more information than ever about how much electricity they use at home- and what it costs them month to month-so they can take control of their consumption,” TXU Director of Innovation Jennifer Pulliam said. “Our new app features also deliver the convenience that today’s always-on, on-the-go consumers expect from retailers in any space-especially ours.”

Having everyday access to your monthly bills is definitely a plus and can help inspire one to significantly decrease the cost of electricity.

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