Green Phases of Life

by Donny on October 18, 2011

Everybody goes through several different phases in life. Do you remember that big afro-man back in the day? He carried a boom box on his shoulder listening to music. Let’s just call that a phase. Whether it’s an individual or society, we all go through all sorts of phases. We go through emotional phases, physical phases, mental phases and spiritual stage.

When I look back on my childhood, it’s easy for me to recognize different phase. The TV shows, movies, music, clothing and other things were so different, and some lasted a lot longer than others.

So what about now? What kind of phases do we go through in adulthood?

One thing I kind of want to ask is whether or not believing is anything more than a phase? How long will it last? Is this something we’ll look back on in several years from now and laugh and say “Why in the world did I actually buy that? What was I thinking?”

The way I kind of see it is similar to that as things like Y2K. People stored food, beverages and all kinds of supplies in their basements and closets in case something was to go terribly wrong. It’s kind of similar with global warming, but maybe even more extreme. People are buying cars that are supposedly more environmental friendly. They’re recycling more and doing whatever they believe could help out “Mother Nature.”

The difference however is there was a deadline to where we would find out the truth for sure. Once January 1, 2000 came, we quickly realized nothing was going to happen. That’s not quite the case for global warming. The argument is ongoing and probably won’t end anytime soon. Those who believe in it will continue to try to fight against it while those who don’t will keep living their routine lives without changing anything because what they do has no effect on weather.

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