Maryland to get power from poop

by Donny on October 14, 2011

We’ve heard of power coming from all sorts of weird sources, but the governor of Maryland plans to get power from poop. Gov. Martin O’Malley made a statement Thursday in which he said the state plans to buy electricity created from animal manure. O’Malley titled the experiment the “Clean Bay Power Project.”

“With projects like Clean Bay Power, together, we can work toward a more sustainable future for our children and create jobs in this changing new economy,” the governor said in the statement.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) manure and chicken litter from Eastern Shore chicken farms provide about half the required load for the project. The waste and manure contains a high amount of nitrogen which is expected to help the conversion process.

Director of Advocacy Environment, Tommy Landers believes it’d be a mistake for the state not to use the waste for power. “Any reasonable person would look at Maryland and see there’s too much chicken litter,” he said.

Legally, 20 percent of the electricity companies’ power must come from clean energy sources by 2022, and the governor said this project will help with that.

Within the last couple weeks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it’s planning to grant $850,000 in to chicken farmers in efforts to help build power plants that create energy from manure.

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