Texas Couple Takes Oncor to Court

by Donny on October 12, 2011

Robert and Jennifer Cordts of Dallas County are the plaintiffs of a lawsuit involving Oncor Energy, one of the largest Energy companies in the United States. The Cordts are suing the company for being fraudulent and deceptive. They claim Oncor-issued smart meters miscalculated their electricity costs. The Cordts family claims before their smart meter was installed their monthly electric bills were between $400 and $700. After the smart meter was installed however, their bills were about $1,800 per month.

The Cordts’ aren’t the only ones dealing with this issue. Several people have spoken up, saying they’ve had similar situations with their residential and commercial electricity bills.

Smart meters have recently taken off as many homes and business in Texas have replaced their traditional electric meters with smart meters. A traditional meter keeps track of the number of kilowatt hours of electricity during a particular period of time. The electricity company usually will take the number or kilowatt hours and multiply it by the energy rate to calculate the monthly bill.

Instead of recording data during a particular period of time, a smart meter records data only when energy is being used. The energy company keeps tabs on the data to calculate the costs of billing. This is probably what miscalculated amount and hence, the Cordts’ and other customers have seen their energy bills spike up to unusually high amounts.

Multiple monthly energy bills of $1,800 stated the Cordts family used about 11,000 hours of energy. They immediately contacted their provider which told them their bill was due to the fact they were experiencing an “unseasonably cold winter.”

It only got worse for the Cordts’ who received three bill of just under $5,000, and the family says the company continued to blame the cold weather.

However, as the investigation continued, the company admitted some of the smart meters may have miscalculated the costs for some of its customers.

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