Will Green affect upcoming election?

by Donny on September 22, 2011

I’m not a political guru of any sort. I consider myself to be a normal Joe. I like fast cars, big TVs and sports. The only time I ever pay attention to politics is when the presidential elections come up.

This election one color will dominates the political realm … green. Money has dominated the political realm for as long as it has been around but this in a new “Green.” This is the green which Bush pushed for when it came to energy efficient cars, the same green to which Obama is giving millions of dollars.

Solyndra, a Fremont, California based company now bankrupted, and other renewable energy companies have gotten millions from the government in loans. The Saft America Inc received a grant from the government for over $95 million, and grants similar to this have gone out to several other companies. All the spending on renewable (green) energy makes me wonder is it going to stop.

When people hear I work for an energy consulting company they always ask “So what do you think about electric cars?” What they are really asking is, “What do you think about green energy?”

I tell them electric cars are for getting green (money). The government is telling us we need to take action to save the planet. The government is trying to create jobs and get the economy back on track and using green to do so. This is what the government is supposed to do.

How Luke Sees it:

Green is just a cool new word for responsibility. We should not label responsibility “Green” because it makes it cool or acceptable. We should be teaching responsibility in every walk of life and to everyone including the government. Maybe if the government took its responsibility seriously it would stop spending our money.

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