Cheapest Electricity in Seaside, New Jersey

by Donny on December 13, 2010

Seaside Park, New Jersey is located on the Barnegat Peninsula in Ocean County with a population of 2,263.

The Barnegat Peninsula separates the Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

Native Americans were some of the first settlers of Seaside Park, and they called the town “Seheyichbi”, which translates to “bordering the ocean.”

Residents of the town and other nearby areas take full advantage of having the ocean so close, whether it’s by going enjoying a day on the beach, going fishing, or taking advantage of it as a source of energy.

Because it’s near the ocean, there are oil rigs and platforms nearby.

Another good thing about the area is that many cities and towns in New Jersey are deregulated.

This means owners of businesses have the right to choose from the cheapest energy providers and rates.

New Jersey became deregulated in 2002, and it’s predicted that customers may see their rates being dropped significantly, from about 10% to 20% sometime in 2011.

Large businesses in New Jersey have jumped on the opportunity to switch providers quicker than that of smaller ones, and even though the state has been deregulated for nearly a decade, it has only been within the last two years that more people have taken advantage.

If you’re living in the Seaside Park area, or anywhere in New Jersey, you have the right to choose your own electric rates for your commercial business.

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