Texans experience decrease in energy rates

by Donny on November 29, 2010

In September 2009, the competitiveness of energy had some heads turning when people began to realize just how much electricity prices were falling.

“Some customers will save more than 50 dollars a month by choosing a lower price with either a new or their current provider,” Donna Nelson, Commissioner of the Public Utility Commission said at the time.

Now, about 14 months later, the prices are continuing to fall as Texas residents and businesses have the opportunity to choose their own electric provider and company at Cheapest Electricity.

Natural gas is the largest source of fuel used to generate electricity in the state of Texas.

In 2008, Texas energy rates were higher than they’ve been in a long time, but in 2009, they were the lowest since 2002, and expectations stated Texans should see even more of a decrease.

Every deregulated area in Texas now offers electricity for less than 10 centers per kilowatt hour, which in the long run, transfers to less than $100 per month for the energy bill.

Rates typically increase in the summer months in Texas because of the heat and extra running air conditioners, but the competing energy companies still open up several opportunities and lower prices.

Texas residents and business have the right to choose their own energy rates and companies.

Just type in your zip code into our compare box and see what plan fits you best. For more information, questions or comments, call us anytime at 1-800-971-4020.

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