How to save money during Super Bowl

by Donny on February 4, 2011

The snow fall that Dallas and other Texans towns have gotten has made things difficult, but you can bet that electricity companies are enjoying every inch.

The below freezing temperatures are causing people to crank up the heat and thus crank up the energy bills.

Energy bills in the Dallas area will likely be higher than usual, considering the fact that Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is hosting Super Bowl XLV.

The $1.2 billion stadium uses about 8.7 cents per kilowatt hour when ends probably up being about $20,000 in utility bills, so this game itself will probably set many records.

Many people will love to say they were in the same city as the Super Bowl, and therefore, plenty of parties will be going in Dallas, most of which will be using plenty of electricity during the party.

Regardless of where you are, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, you want to do everything in your power to make sure it’s as good as it gets. You are planning on serving the best food, watching it on the best and biggest TV, and you hope for the best results.

That beings said, it is possible to have a great party without using too much power.

You may want to consider using the oven instead of the microwave and open the door when it’s hot to help heat the room and give it a better aroma.

Having said all that, here are a few tips:
• Don’t leave any lights on that aren’t being used. Some people like turning off the lights when watching a movie, so maybe it will be just as enjoyable during a game.

• It might not be a bad idea to eat and drink warm food and beverages. Hot wings are always a plus.

• Get comfortable. There’s no shame in wearing sweaters or wrapping up in a blanket, just don’t use a terrible towel.

After the game, if you’re in the market for a new electricity supplier and are in a deregulated area, you have the right and the ability to choose the cheapest electricity provider for your home or business.

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